With years of experience in the transportation industry and a qualified team of dispatchers, VTL Transport has developed a proven track record for reliability.

We are proud to operate a 100% company-owned fleet. With 90% of our equipment less than a year old. This, along with our quality drivers, allows us to maintain a consistent on-time delivery level of 93%.

Our fleet of 53 foot air ride logistic trailers and state-of-the-art Volvo tractors allow VTL to offer the dependability and service that our customers demand.


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VTL has implemented an ongoing program to research new ways to maintain a competitive edge.
We have thus improved efficiency and promoted upgrades to the latest technological advancements being offered by our network suppliers including
Satellite Tracking and Messaging.
VTL presently services the Central and Midwest regions of the United States as well as the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec.
VTL has a network of terminals located in Columbus, OH, Toronto, ON and Montréal, QC.